Managua – Week 54

[Week 1 in Tipitapa (La Bocana Area, Las Americas Zone), week 1 with Elder Cuestas]

Hey everyone, hope everything is going well! This week was pretty interesting, we were running all over the place doing baptismal interviews really far from our area, Ciudadela and Loma Verde. Both nights we had to stay there with the missionaries because there were no more buses. It was really fun though getting to spend some time with Elder Johnson and the Zls. We even played a game of risk before we all slept so that was awesome (especially because I won). I was going to make a recording but I didn’t have time last night because I was packing… We had some really weird transfers today. Basically I got taken out of Ruben Dario (my awesome area where I’m still decently new) and moved to Tipitapa which is within the same zone with mostly the same people but now I am the DL of the other district (which stinks, I love my old district!) I am no longer in the city of Managua, I’m about 40 minutes to the north by the huge lake. My area is called La Bocana and it’s one of two areas in the town of Tipitapa, the land of musas. My companero is Elder Cuestas. He is more or less new here, He just finished 6 months in the mission and he is from the Dominican Republic. He was here last change but I don’t really know him that well so I hope it goes well… I’m very disappointed in being taken out of my old area, though.  This Saturday we are going to have 2 or 3 baptisms: Gigi, Jorsen, and Nahomi. I already have permission from my Zls to go back for the baptisms because two of them said that they only wanted me to do it. So my old area of Ruben Dario is going to keep throwing fire this week! Here we apparently don’t have a ton of possibilities for baptism soon. This district always does worse than my other one and the areas here are really difficult (Poor areas, not very developed, bad houses, mud EVERYWHERE, weak branches of the church, etc.) So yeah, I’m trying to be excited for some new experiences but also feeling pretty sad that I couldn’t stay in my awesome old area and district. I would share pictures but my camera is packed somewhere so I’ll have to do it later.  But yeah, that was basically my week. Today I already fell knee deep into mud so it might take me a while to adjust to my new area but I hope it goes well! Miss you all and I hope that you have a great week,

Elder Cayman Williams

[Including some pictures from last week]

[Update with pictures from this week sent later]


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