Tipitapa – Week 60

[Week 7 in Tipitapa (La Bocana Area, Las Americas Zone), week 1 with Elder Alvarenga]

Hey everyone, I just wanted to send out a update. I stayed here in Tipitapa as the District Leader so that was tranquilo. Today I got my new comp, his name is Elder Alvarenga and he’s from Costa Rica.  He’s the same age as my son so he only has 3 months less than I do. I met him a couple hours ago but he seems to be a pretty cool guy! It should be fun! Also my dad Alofipo is here in Tipitapa in my district so that’s awesome, its gonna be great seeing him. My old comp, Cuesta, is also still in the district in San Benito, super cerca, so that’s cool as well! We had 7 people in church this last Sunday, Sara and her family came and she also brought her mother in law and it was really great! I’m also excited for my birthday tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to pass it well with a birthday lunch with some of my friends here in the district or something like that! But yeah that’s the update for this week, super excited for a new change here in Tipitapa! Hope everyone is doing great at home, miss you!

Elder Williams


[Pictures I found from the previous change that I hadn’t posted]


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