Managua – Week 53

[Week 12 in Managua (Ruben Dario Area, Las Americas Zone), week 6 with Elder Davidson]

Hey guys! So this was a pretty great week! We baptized James, the 12 year old son of two members but who were inactive before we met them. We had a pretty normal week, normal appointments and everything. We’ve been having so much success that we’ve been focusing on the same people for most of this change and now they’re all getting baptized! So soon well have no one else, so one of our focuses this week will be contacting (which I still don’t like doing much, we really have success almost exclusively with references…) But we’re trying to baptize Nahomi this week and then the week after Gigi! Pretty much after that the only possibility well have will be Jorsen, the husband of a member. But we’re hoping to baptize 5 or 6 weeks in a row! We’re throwing fire! (echando fuegaso) It’s been really fun. We’ve heard that there aren’t going to be a ton of changes so maybe well get to stay together for another change! (Too bad we’re running out of investigators!) But I’ve been loving it. This has been the best change by far and we get along great. I’m actually starting to feel more normal here in Nicaragua and thinking of going home is kinda weird (just a little). Yesterday we went to talk to Gigi who hasn’t accepted our multiple invitations to be baptized and she literally said “I would like to inform you guys that I will get baptized on the 19th of August.” It was pretty great, she put her own fecha! And we are hoping and praying that Nahomi can do it this week before the changes!

I got the package today! Thanks so much, I loved it, the new pants and ties are “dope” as me and my comp have started saying because of the other english speakers in our zone. I opened the ties in our district activity today and everyone was very impressed. One other missionary broke down and started to try to buy it for 30 bucks! But he’s not sure if he wants to do it now…haha. But yeah I love getting packages, these pants are amazingly light and less sweaty!

Omar is 11ish (he doesn’t exist to the government and doesn’t know what year he was born in) Love hearing from you guys! Love you guys, hope you have a great week!



Cayman celebrated his hump day this past week (August 3rd was one year on the mission).  Here are a few pictures from the ritual of burning a shirt.  I’m happy to report that they are both okay, and that their smoke detector works.

Hump day

Hump day

Hump day

Hump day

More pictures from Cayman:

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