Tipitapa – Week 64

[Week 11 in Tipitapa (La Bocana Area, Las Americas Zone), week 5 with Elder Alvarenga]

Sorry I’m writing so late, we went to multicentro today to look for the camera and we had some travel problems and got back super late! But I’ll try responding to all your questions!

Okay well were still visiting Sara and her family but no immediate success with the kids or the dad. Well try to get them all to come to church this next Sunday. I got the package and it was awesome! I gave a rubiks cube to my comp who loves it and I ate the whole bag of poore brothers chips, killing my mouth in the process! But yeah the package got here Sept 22. The mission literally didn’t get mail for a month… It hasn’t been raining much so I haven’t fixed the ceiling or anything. My health is better, the rash has gone away and my feet are better, also. No migraines too bad this week. When I’m proselyting I don’t need sunscreen, only on p-days! No hiking or anything today, so that’s good

Thanks for the spiritual thought mom! I liked it. I miss you so much! I cant wait to be with you all again. Love you tons.

Love you all and miss ya!


My Package!

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