MTC – Week 2

I don’t have much time, I just wanted to say hi to everyone and make sure everyone got it!

Here are some funny spanish mishaps this week:

Someone accidently asked me: “Piensa que hacer mas que Jesus?” Which means “do you think you can do more than Jesus”

Also, that same person asked an investigator if he was romantically interested in his brothers (the verb gustar vs. the correct verb amar)

So he’s an interesting guy to have in our district.

It’s a tight schedule and I spend about 12 days in a classroom but its been fun!

I think I’ve probably gotten all the Dear Elder letters you’ve sent! I love getting them, they’re super fun to get. I think its every missionaries favorite part of the day when they get a letter.

Yeah, I definitely miss you guys too and I’m glad I haven’t totally been forgotten. I wish I could play guitar for you guys too (both because that would mean that I would be with you guys and I’d have a guitar as well as this weird thing called free time)

I don’t really know if my Spanish is getting that much better but I do know the most vocabulary and grammar. It doesn’t mean I can always speak it but its coming along. My companion and I overall are doing pretty well in Spanish in the class which is pretty cool! Yesterday, we did our first “TRC” which is like super realistic investigator teaching. We taught a man named Jose and he’s from Guatemala and he’s about 45-50 years old. He was super nice and he really likes sports and stuff so we had fun talking to him about that. When we started our lesson, he told us that he believed in God but that he doesn’t think he loves us because life is difficult for so many people. When we asked him what he though the purpose of life was he just that “trabajar” (to work). So we taught him a little about the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement and as we were doing so he started crying and telling us about how his mom died. He said he liked our message because even though he misses her, he’s glad she finally gets a “Descanso” (a rest). It was super cool and he was an awesome guy.

For the sunday devotional, we had a man named Judd who’s a ancient scripture professor at BYU and it was pretty good. But I think I liked the other two devotionals I’ve been to more. We’re gonna be having another one tonight too!  We don’t ever know what the devotionals are until we get there, and it’s basically impossible to get into so I’m always in an overflow.

Yeah! I met up with Trent on his first day and took a few pictures. I haven’t really seen him all that much since then though, But it was super fun to see him!! I’ve seen Cameron a lot actually at meals and stuff but I have yet to take a picture with him. I also ran into someone from my high school (but  I didn’t really know him that well) and Michael Smith, the son of Mike Smith from our Channel Islands dive trip.

As far as our p-days go, we get up early to do laundry.  Our recommended time to go to the Temple on P-days is about 9:30 so that’s when we’ve been going. And then we get lunch right when we get back. Then today we exercised and afterward took a little nap which was much needed.  Added a few pictures to the folder.

Love you!


Cayman sending happy birthday wishes to his little brother. You can see a glimpse of the new MTC haircut.

Cayman sending happy birthday wishes to his little brother. You can see a glimpse of the new MTC haircut.

Another shot of the Provo Temple this week

Another shot of the Provo Temple this week

A reunion with Trent his first day in the MTC

A reunion with Trent his first day in the MTC

Crazy face...again.

Crazy face…again.

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