Matagalpa – Week 19

[Week 13 in Matagalpa, week 1 with Elder Reyes]

Me with my greenie, Elder Reyes, and President and Sister Poncio

Me with Elder Reyes and President and Sister Poncio

Well, this week was interesting. I was wandering around all over the place. I had to go to Managua to pick up my nuevo. His name is Elder Reyes and he’s from El Salvador. We get along well and he’s always cleaning the house, so I can’t complain. Then the next day we had a multizone meeting with Elder Ochoa, the area seventy, so that was cool too! It was just really busy. I ran my first district meeting the next day and then the following day I went to Jinotega to do baptismal interviews for the investigators over there. It’s about an hour and half by bus and it’s the coldest area in the mission so that was nice. Except we missed the last bus by 10 minutes and we had to stay in Jinotega for the night on the floor of the elders’ house. So, that was not fun, but we made it through.

Yesterday we had to go to a branch in San Ramon where only 7 people came. We basically ran the sacrament meeting, and then organized a baptism for an investigator there. It’s not our area though and we weren’t able to go to sacrament of our own ward for the second week in a row. We’re less actives now…

My Hammock!

My Hammock!

The highlight of this week was that I bought a hammock for $6 and I’ve been sleeping on it at night overlooking the city of Mataglapa, so, that’s pretty sick. It’s been a pretty good week but were hoping to have more success next week. We weren’t really able to work in our area much this week.

Fun fact: They’ve started selling bottle rockets and other fireworks here and they haven’t stopped going off for weeks. the 24th is going to be insane at midnight.
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all!

-Elder Williams


The view from my hammock

The view from my hammock

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  1. Carlos says:

    Recuerdo el día en que Williams llego a reyes ami casa fue genial porque los dos siempre estaban alegres