Estoy Viviendo [I’m Alive]


I am supposed to tell you guys that I made it here to the MTC safely and everything though I assume that Aunt Kim would have told you as much. Anyway, I survived the walk from the parking lot to the MTC. Unfortunadamente, I can’t read any of the messages you’ve sent yet. The MTC has been pretty good so far but it’s a bit of an adjustment. My P-days are on Tuesdays so I’ll email you again then. I’m sure there are other things I need to tell you but I can’t remember them right now so hopefully I’ll remember by Tuesday.

Elder Cayman Williams

[Parental Note: Uh oh…the Spanglish has already started.  Better get my Spanish dictionary ready.  Does Bing or Google translate have “Spanglish”?  I couldn’t find it.]

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