Managua – Week 44

[Week 3 in Managua (Ruben Dario Area, Las Americas Zone), week 3 with Elder Baxter]

It’s been a pretty normal week.
I was kissed again! For some reason, the Nicas like to kiss me! It’s just a greeting here, but the investigator didn’t greet the member or the other missionary that way! That’s the second time in the last few days that has happened in front of this member, Norland. So, now he teases that I’m a big flirt.
Norland is cool though. He just got back from his mission in Honduras a year ago. He’s from the other side of our mission, the Caribbean side. It’s a crazy place where people get beheaded and missionaries eat turtles, & they speak English & Mosquito. He’s been helping us out a lot.

I got sick this week. My eyes were leaking mucus and they were red. I also had a fever and body aches. The nurse said I have zika virus that you get from mosquitos. My being sick made it hard to work, but I’m feeling better now.

We had three investigators in church, which is good for us. Naomi, the same girl that came with us last week, came again. We also had Adrianna and Sandra come this week. Sandra is a babysitter in the house where Norland rents a room. This was her second week at church.

For p-day, I got to listen to the choir practice because my comp is singing in the choir. They are going to being singing this Sat. for a multi-mission conference that Elder Renlund is going to be speaking at. I got to play spikeball with another Elder while my comp was in choir practice. So, that was pretty “bomb”.

For the first time on my mission, a member drove me and my companion from the church to our investigator’s house. It was so crazy because no one has cars here!

• This week we had a big meeting with every leader in the mission. It was cool!

• My camera stopped working so I’m pretty mad about that.
• Right now, I’m just enjoying sitting in front of my fan. I can’t even tell you how humid & gross it is here! I have to be careful when I sit down at my desk to study because if I sit the wrong way, I’ll ruin my scriptures from sweating on them.

• The ward is really cool here. I was also able to bear my testimony in the new ward this week.

I hope you guys have a good week. See ya.

Elder Williams

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