Managua – Week 42 – Transferred to the Capital

[Week 1 in Managua (Ruben Dario Area, Las Americas Zone), week 1 with Elder Baxter]

Hey guys! So I just started my seventh transfer of the mission. One more and I’m halfway! But anyway, I’m pretty disappointed I got taken out of Somoto (where the weather was actually getting pretty decent) and I’ve been sent to Managua. I spent all of the morning traveling from Somoto and I’m finally here but my comp is at the hospital with his old comp so I’m hanging out with some of the other elders for today. I’m also a district leader again so that will be a cool opportunity in a different zone! It really is going to be a huge change from my old area. We had 15 people in church last Sunday in Somoto. Here my area is one of the biggest in Managua (complete with a ton of McDonalds, Subways, Burger Kings and Pizza Huts). In fact, the big central bus station is part of my area, and the airport is part of my district. It’s going to be a huge adjustment. I got sent here alone without a comp and I was waiting in the bus station for the ZLs and within 5 minutes I already had a member trying to get me in trouble for being alone! So that’s definitely different.  I’m also part of a stake here! (A stake that’s going to have an apostolic visit for their stake conference next month!)

But yeah, it was hard to leave Somoto and the success we were having there. We baptized Hermana Azaria this week and she is doing great. For my goodbye, we went and I taught her and the girls how to cook french toast and they loved it! We’ll see if I can send pictures because as of right now the computers are not doing too well. Anyway, I’m doing well, if a little overwhelmed by this change.  It’s definitely going to be way different. It’ll be the closest I’ll get to a stateside mission experience, I think, and trust me…it’s not that close.

Have a great week!

Elder Williams

Some last moments in Somoto

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