Somoto – Week 34

[Week 4 in Somoto, week 4 with Elder Melenciano]

Hey everyone, I know its been a long time since I sent out a group email. I’m doing well here in Somoto. We’ve been focusing on trying to find new people recently (because the elders before didn’t leave a ton of progressing investigators) and we found a family this week that has been pretty positive. Only 2 went to church with us yesterday but more promised to come next week! Also every time we visit them they feed us beans, rice, fresco, or something along those lines, so they’re awesome!

This week we are finally going to receive some of the documents we’ve been waiting for for about a month and so we should be able to marry Freddy and have his baptism this week! Also I’m still a little sad that I had to leave Matagalpa because my son is baptizing all of my old investigators. He just baptized the family that I spent 3 months trying to get married, this week! So I’m a little bummed I wasn’t there and that I had to leave but we should have a similar experience this week!

Just to show how small the branch is here: Yesterday I gave a talk, passed the sacrament, led the music, and then taught the gospel principles class. The missionaries have to do everything here! But it’s fun too! Unfortunately, yesterday one of our investigators died after falling off a truck. It was really sad for us. He had gone to church and had the desire to be baptized but he just didn’t make enough time to really commit himself to repent and go to church. Definitely showed us how important it is to use every moment that we have.

So yeah that’s about everything! The pictures are from this morning when I made everyone crepes and we played games…. We tried sitting on my hammock but it fell.

Hope everyone has a great week,
Elder Williams

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