Somoto – Week 38

[Week 8 in Somoto, week 2 with Elder Asplund]

Sorry its been so long, i guess I can get kinda lazy when it comes to writing big group emails. This week was good, with lots of rain and lots of being soaked! Were trying to marry two investigators this week but its gonna come down to us having enough money to pay the lawyer and also working out some situations with the documents. His name is Freddy and he’s been an investigator for forever. We are also trying to baptize an investigator named Jorlyn this week. She’s been to church for about a month and we’re just trying to help her make the decision to be baptized! And of course I have more bug stories. I’m in Nicaragua…

This week I was a little emotionally scarred. I went to drink some water and apparently about ten ants were thirsty too and they were stuffed in the straw of my bottle that filters water. Of course, I didn’t pre-examine my straw and ended up drinking water with ants swarming around in my mouth (a little ironic, don’t you think, because it was my filtering bottle?) So I dropped the bottle and spat the water out all over my desk and the ants went everywhere. I have a lingering fear of my bottle now… So yeah!

I’m going to try to attach some pictures, hope everyone is doing well! (Please note the picture where I tricked the Nica into looking up when I was holding the parrot!)


Elder Williams

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