Somoto – Week 30 – Transferred!

Hey everyone. So today was the worst day of my entire mission. I had to leave my area where I’ve been for 6 months. Yesterday, I had about 3 converts and investigators crying along with my son and the member we’ve been working with a lot. It basically felt like leaving home again. It was awful. Now I’m basically in Honduras in a fairly small town called Somoto. I spent 6 hours in buses today so it was also the worst p-day possible, too. Here were some of my goodbyes. I have more but the cyber gave my memory a virus. Talk to you next week.​

Elder Williams




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  1. Carlos says:

    Ha sido algo muy difícil poder despedir a Elder Williams a mi hermano y especial mente a mi mejor amigo pude compartir por alrededor de 3 meses muchas experiencias de alegría cada p-day y cada experiencia emocionales y espiral. Ni hacido fácil el despedir a Williams por decierto modo es muy especial para mi pero siempre le recordaré con un joven muy alegre no puedo describir los sentimiento pero se que Williams volverá GRACIAS MÍ MEJOR AMO

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