Matagalpa – Week 9

[Week 3 in Matagalpa]

Sorry everyone that I haven’t been sending weekly emails recently. It’s just hard because there’s no time on P-days to get everything done! the first weeks have been good but its definitely been a really difficult adjustment. I’m serving in the Matagalpa zone and my area is a barrio called Guanuca. Its really cool here but it’s insanely different. We’ve had a few run-ins with bolos (drunks) and that’s always interesting. My companion was punched a week before I came to the mission by a bolo… Last week we walked past a bolo stumbling down the street with a knife so that was interesting too. We’ve been working hard to get more investigators (because my trainer and I are opening the area) but it hasn’t been super successful. I’ve had the opportunity to baptize two people already, though! They were for other companionships but it was still a cool experience. General Conference was awesome but it was all in Spanish so I didn’t get as much as possible out of it. It’s been really cool to see the difference that the gospel can make in the lives of the members and investigators here, I know that the gospel can really help people make changes and find true happiness in this life. Hopefully I have more time next week! Hope everything is going well!
Elder Williams


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