Matagalpa – Week 8

[Week 2 in Matagalpa]
[Note from Mom and Dad:  Today is Cayman’s Birthday, and he got to spend it on a P-day.  He even told us that he was going to splurge and eat at Subway because it was his birthday (pictures included).]
This week has been better I think. Everyday still feels like the same routine and I don’t feel like I’m improving in Spanish at all so that stinks. But I think time went by a little bit faster and I’m getting a little bit more used to it here. Thanks for your advice, hopefully I’ll continue to get accustomed to the culture and mission life. I’m feeling a little more comfortable here, but its still hard.  But I have been working really hard!
The kitchen is the 2nd area and it consists of a shelf and a concrete sink… And the bathroom is right behind the bedroom and its maybe like 10 square feet. Plus it always stinks and water from the shower gets everywhere haha.
We have an old area book because elders used to be here but its so crazy that we cant make much sense of it. The addresses here are such a pain. It’s impossible to find anyone. And everyone’s names are all the same so I can never remember what someone’s name is (because everyone has like 5 names). The members here are pretty cool, however they, too, can be flakey with appointments. We’ve set up like 10 appointments to work with members and not a single one has worked out. Our investigator pool is just whoever we’ve contacted and we only have like 2 promising investigators right now.  Everything is super humid. Papers and stuff in the apartment are just bent and wrinkled from the humidity. The rain is pretty common and it can come down pretty hard but mostly its just oppressive and light.
Thanks so much for your birthday message! Love you.
Subway Delight:
p9260254 p9260258 p9260255
The Apartment:
p9260230 p9260239 p9260228 p9140181 p9140182 p9140178 p9140179 p9140180 p9260236 p9260232
Walking, your in into lots of things:
p9240207 p9240208 p9240201 p9240203 p9240198

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