Matagalpa – Week 6

Hola de Nicaragua

Hey mom and dad!
I’m writing this from a “cyber” in Matagalpa. My first area is called Guanuca 2 and it’s in the city of Matagalpa, which is in the mountains so it’s not quite as hot (it’s still super hot, so I really hope I never have to go to Chinadega, which is way more hot). The plane ride was uneventful and we got there at around 8 (but it gets dark at like 6:30 here) and we went and got pizza hut! But then we didn’t get to bed until really late that night and it was quite possibly one of the worst nights of my life. It is so extremely hot and sticky all the time; the only thing that saved me was the fan we had. All the newbies got stuffed into a house with all of the missionaries that were leaving (which also sucked because I’m never going to leave [Bill: this is a reference to the joke discussed in the previous post]). Waking up at 6:30 the next morning was awful. Then we went to a church and got some health training, etc. And then we got our trainers and left to our areas. My trainer is really awesome, his name is Elder Alofipo. We’re both “cheles” so it´s nice that we both speak English. We took a three hour bus ride to Matagalpa and then met with a family last night. However, this area was just opened so we have no contacts, investigators or anything. And my companion has only been here for 5 months so he’s the newest trainer in the mission so we’re kinda figuring it out together. It is so hard to understand people here and it’s been pretty hard so far, especially cause the weather is so awful. Our apartment is the smallest in the whole mission and I’ll send pictures next p-day, but it’s probably like 100 square feet for two people. But we do get water in the mornings so we can have cold showers (not from a bucket). Anyway, I’m doing good and I was supposed to email you to tell you that I got here safe and I haven’t been robbed yet. I have seen some weird things though… Last night when I was teaching a lesson, one of the kids apparently just started peeing outside. Also a lady took a taxi with us and brought a cat in a box who just kept meowing the whole time…
Love you so much and I miss you guys so much (and I also miss our nice house and weather).


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