Matagalpa – Week 24 (Transfers)

[Week 18 in Matagalpa, week 6 with Elder Reyes]

Well we got our cambos and I’m going to stay here again, with the same comp. I’m going to have about 6 months in the mission at the end of this cambio so I’ve been here for a while. I kind of wanted to leave and see other parts of Nicaragua, but I’m sure I’ll leave eventually (so far it seems like I got called to the Nicaragua Guanuca mission). But my son is doing good and this week we brought 7 investigators and 3 menos activos to the church and we’ve never done that before! estamos echando fuego! SO hopefully they continue to progress and everything!
Anyway, have a good week!


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  1. Carlos says:

    Recuerdo que fueron más investigadores y más menos activos que llevaron ese domingo la obra está avanzando y gracias a ese apoyo de la obra misional nuestro barrio a podido aumentar

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