Matagalpa – Week 23

[Week 17 in Matagalpa, week 5 with Elder Reyes]

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, the power was out in the city the entire day. I’m just going to share some pictures and some news! We went to the cross yesterday which is pretty much the most famous part of Matagalpa. It was a lot of walking… This week was good. It went by fast but we had the awesome opportunity of baptizing a girl named Kelly. Her dad is a less active member of the church and her mom is evangelica. She’s gone to church for a lot of her life and she was always at the activities with her cousin. But she never really had the interest before to read the Book of Mormon or go to the classes or anything. I first started teaching her about 2 months ago before my companion was here and she just wasn’t really interested, just kind of apathetical. But these last few weeks I saw her completely change and she decided to be baptized in the beginning of the week and we baptized her Saturday. It was super awesome to see her change because I know it definitely wasn’t us, she had been taught by the missionaries for years but we got to see the miracle of her receive a desire and a testimony. It’s definitely helped me because we haven’t seen much success here and it was an awesome experience. Miss you all!

Some Pics from the Week:

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  1. Carlos says:

    Casa momento a podido marcar gran diferencia (si hoy fuimos mejor mañana hay que ser mejor de lo que fuimos ayer )

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