Matagalpa – Week 18 (Transfers)

Well this week was a pretty good final week with my trainer Elder Alofipo! We’ve been teaching some new investigators with some potential to progress which is awesome. We started teaching a couple that are really open and receptive so that’s been great getting to know them. Some of our investigators also invited us to a family party this week so it felt cool that they like us so much but we weren’t able to go. It’s a pretty funny coincidence because the husband of the couple were teaching is actually the son of another couple were teaching (the people who got rained on last week). We just contacted them both by coincidence so it was crazy to find out they are related. Then again sometimes entire streets are all members of the same family here. I’m just hoping that some of the people we’ve been working with continue to progress. We weren’t able to go to sacrament meeting yesterday which really stunk. I’m always looking forward to church but we had to go do an interview for the ZLs. Yesterday was pretty crazy but definitely not as crazy as today has been…

So yesterday we found out our changes. I knew that Fipo and I were going to be separated because I just finished with my training. I woke up at 3 in the morning to send him to Chinandega, the hottest zone in Nicaragua, and I was definitely sad to see him leave. But as Fipo packed I finally put up some Christmas decorations because I’m staying in my area, Guanuca which I’m excited about because I already know the members here and I’m gonna have Christmas here with them! Unfortunately, I think this change is going to be VERY VERY STRESSFUL. For some reason, I’ve been called as a trainer and tomorrow I receive my greenie in Managua (today I’m companionless so it’s been crazy managing that with the other missionaries) I’m about to have my first hijo (child) And I’m also the new District Leader of my district. So yeah, I’m not very happy about that (I’m going to be receiving a lot of machetes soon). I guess we’ll see how I do with all this new responsibility and stress…

New Experiences of the Week:

  • Jumping onto a moving bus, losing my handhold, and almost falling backwards out of said bus.
  • I have learned how to operate a top that spins when you flick it away with a string. It sounds easy but it is definitely much harder than it looks.
  • Setting up a fake Christmas tree sticker as my tree for Christmas this year


Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas

My Christmas Tree sticker (thanks, Mom)

My Christmas Tree sticker (thanks, Mom)

Anyway, I hope everyone’s doing well and is having a good Christmas season. Enjoy your cold weather because I’m definitely missing being cold. Oh yeah I’ve completed 4 months! Less than 20 more… Adios.

Elder Williams








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