Matagalpa – Week 14

[Week 8 in Matagalpa]

So I just had my cumplimes this last week and I now officially have 3 months out. Only 21 months more to go! Anyway this week was pretty interesting.

Sharing Skittles for Halloween. Boo!

Sharing Skittles for Halloween. Boo!

Nobody celebrates Halloween here so that kinda stunk. Alofipo and I shared some skittles I found in one of my suitcases so that was cool. We also went out contacting and ran into an insane lady that thought her doll was a real baby, who called us handsome repeatedly and also kept trying to stoke Elder Alofipo’s arm. She was then joined by a drunk guy who thought the doll was crying and who thought that we must lift weights all the time. So it was really weird. And then afterwards, we contacted a gringo who is quite possibly one of the worst people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. He spoke absolutely no Spanish so we introduced ourselves in English (we’re the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ) and he then proceeded to insult Christ and God. We were super shocked because he was being really rude and obscene. Fipo asked, “So you don’t believe in Jesus Christ?” and then the guy just started screaming at us. He cussed at us about a hundred times, started cursing Jesus Christ and heavenly father, and then told us that he was going to hurt us. We just walked away laughing at how awful of a person he was and he continued yelling for like 30 seconds even though we were already a block away. It was funny because all the Nicas were looking at him like “What the freak is this gringo going off about?” But yeah, that was a fun time. We then got back to our house and all the lights went off in Mataglapa. It was super sketchy, all you could see were the police lights, hear sirens and ambulances going around. It gets super dangerous when there are absolutely no lights. Our house overlooks all of Mataglapa and it was definitely crazy. Then to top it off, we found out that our new house is the house of a dead police officer. And his things are still in there and everything. So it was a pretty weird Halloween. But we did find a genuine Nicaraguan police hat and uniform and I really want to keep it. I can’t imagine a better souvenir. But I feel like I might get shot for having it or something crazy like that so well see. Maybe I’ll take some pictures and call it good. Also, the Nicas had there presidential elections yesterday and its been kinda intense. We’ve had to return home at 7:30 every night this week because it’s been kinda dangerous. Apparently last elections quite a few people were killed in our area. Last night the elections happened and we could hear people screaming all night, firecrackers, sirens, all sorts of stuff. So yeah its been interesting. Oh yeah, also our zone broke the record for number of baptisms and so the president came on Wednesday and treated us all to lunch at Chile Picante!

So that’s about all I can think of about this week. We’ve been working hard to find more people but so far we haven’t had anyone very positive. So that’s pretty frustrating, everyone’s constantly giving us not-so-honest information about going to church, about where they live, etc….
Funny moment of the week. Some drunk guy called me an avocado. And his friend called me a cat. So that was weird. Also, I’ve had another 3 people tell me my eyes are beautiful. I should start keeping a tally.
Anyway till next week,
Elder Williams

Stop, police.

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