Matagalpa – Week 10

[Week 4 in Matagalpa]

So this week was pretty good! Again, I don’t have much time but I’ll try to share the biggest things of this week. On Tuesday we had a Reunion de Nuevos in Managua so we had to take a bus at 5 in the morning to get there on time which was awful. Especially because the bus seats are small even for Nicaraguans… My knees couldn’t fit in front of me so I had to lift my feet off the ground. But the reunion was fun and we got Pizza Hut so it was definitely worth it. We had interviews with the President Poncio on Friday at our house. Our house is absolutely tiny and nasty. We’ve gotten used to it but when Hermana Poncio came in to inspect it she couldn’t stay inside for longer than 10 seconds. She ran out of our house plugging her nose, panting, and repeatedly saying no… She was mortified (luckily it wasn’t our fault, we’ve been cleaning it, it’s just nasty) So she has mandated that we look for a new house this week so that’s cool. I also found mold growing on my bag so its probably a good thing that were moving. On Saturday we had divisions and I was the leader in my area with my old companion from the MTC! I don’t have pictures yet (he should send them to me eventually) but it was cool! Except we got absolutely soaked by the rain and my tie actually got so wet that it leaked colors onto my white shirt. So I now have a rainbow dress shirt. I got special permission to buy a guitar from my mission president during my interview so if I have time I might try to get one today!

Crazy experience of the week: Yesterday we walked out of our lunch appointment we found a bolo huddled into a ball on the street and some guy was kicking him in the back repeatedly and screaming at him. But they stopped when we walked by and the bolo was able to stand up and walk away so he wasn’t too hurt. We know he had provoked the guy and his friend but we don’t know what he did…

We found one guy this week who is recovering from a disease (I think he said it was anemia or something like that?) and he’s super awesome. We’ve almost taught him all the topics (because he’s always at home) and he’s super positive. He has a baptismal date already we just have to wait for him to recover. He told us that every morning he’s excited for us to come which was cool! Also the other day I was doing magic tricks at a pulperia (small store thing) and we got a bunch of kids to watch and we invited them all to church so that was cool. One of them even said, “Ustedes son los mejores!”

Lots of rain this week but its been good! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures this week. Hope all is going well!

Elder Williams

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