Monthly Archive: November 2016


Matagalpa – Week 17 (Thanksgiving)

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We had a hurricane hit Nicaragua on Thanksgiving (don’t worry it only rained a tiny bit were I’m at but it makes for a good story). On Wednesday morning we had to go to the store and buy 2 weeks’ worth of water and one week...


Matagalpa – Week 16

[Week 10 in Matagalpa] Hey everyone! This week has been pretty good. We’ve been doing a lot of contacting this week trying to find some new investigators that are more positive and willing to fulfill their commitments. We have had a little success with some of our newfound investigators (Urbalina, Motesta, Creencia, Epiphania) but we...


Matagalpa – Week 14

[Week 8 in Matagalpa] So I just had my cumplimes this last week and I now officially have 3 months out. Only 21 months more to go! Anyway this week was pretty interesting. Nobody celebrates Halloween here so that kinda stunk. Alofipo and I shared some skittles I found in one of my suitcases so...